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We visited the anticipated Omescape’s new location in Scarborough the first chance we had, and Virus Outbreak was the first escape game available at the time.  We had high expectations because we enjoyed all the games we played at their Markham location!  Virus Outbreak did not disappoint us indeed.  The immersion   [Read More...]

With Mysterious Study being one of our all-time favourites, we were super excited to be invited to play the remastered version. However, I was also a bit nervous. Going in with high expectations, would I find that this room now falls flat? Could it be that we enjoyed it back   [Read More...]

如果你有看過我們的排行榜,就知道Omescape的遊戲一直排於首五位,它絕對是我們隊最喜愛的逃脫地點。自玩完The Pentinentary後,我們便已完成了他們所有的五個房間。我們就像在飽受了山珍海味後不知道什麼時候才會有 [Read more...]

It was bittersweet booking this room. We were excited to play at Omescape again (despite a somewhat disappointing experience with Joker’s Asylum), but sad that this was the last room we had left. Some time between booking and playing though, we received word that a second location is opening in   [Read More...]

對於這間我們在Omescape挑戰的最後房間,我們都感到相當期待!雖然The Penitentiary的難度比Joke [Read more...]

Having thoroughly enjoyed Kingdom of Cats, Mysterious Study and Dark Altar, I was eagerly anticipating our return to Omescape to play the rest of their games. Unfortunately, this one fell short of my high expectations. Don’t get me wrong – this wasn’t a horrible game. However, it’s definitely not up   [Read More...]

Joker's Asylum 是 Omescape 難度最高的房間。 我們看過了一些評論,知道一開始時會分開兩隊來玩,所以做了些準備工夫,最後決定是我和我們的嘉賓評論員 - Errol 被派去只足夠兩人置身的控制室。其他六人就被派到囚室的一 [Read more...]

Although I’m not a big fan of dark-themed rooms, I must admit, I enjoyed this room a lot. Interestingly, I can’t even put my finger on the exact reason. It was just one of those rooms that I came out of with a smile on my face, and felt great   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: True to its name, the theme is ominous and eerie, but very well done and not over-the-top or excessive. The rooms are barely lit, so if you don’t like the dark, I would not suggest this room. Puzzles: I found that there were more puzzles that required logical thinking   [Read More...]

其實我哋考慮咗好耐先決定挑戰呢間房。。因為聽咗玩過嘅人講,都話呢間房超難,無可能解到佢啲題,題題都要攞提示。。等等。終於我哋就懷著衰硬嘅心態入咗去玩。可能就係咁,所以感覺良好。雖然真係好難,但唔至於係解唔到,只不過時間有限,所以唯有攞題示來加快速度。我哋今次五個人去,最後以58分幾逃出。 [Read more...]

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