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This game starts off with your team split into two neighbouring rooms, until you solve the puzzle to unlock the door that separates the two groups. Naturally, puzzle solutions required communication and teamwork between the two teams. This is when having loud team members (like myself) really come in handy. I appreciated   [Read More...]

Theme/Atmosphere: Loved their game masters. They are very animated and really do generate a great atmosphere to get you excited about escaping. The décor in the room isn’t anything spectacular, but is fitting for the storyline of a book club killer. Puzzles: After finishing the escape, I thought about all   [Read More...]

LockQuest 1204 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W1 LockQuest ceased operations in December 2015. They had one game, called Escape the Book Club Killer, which was designed by a professional game developer. The waiting area was spacious, and they had an assortment of hand held puzzles that you could play   [Read More...]

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Escape the Book Club Killer 是 E4G 和八個朋友十二人一齊玩的房間, 適合新手至中級玩家。 要有好的翻找能力, 團隊溝通和邏輯推理。 我們給分成兩個組別在不同的房間, 要互相溝通和合作去解開 [Read more...]

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