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Unmask is the third room that we’ve played at Freeing, and true to their style, they did an excellent job with the décor. From the wall colour to the props, you can tell that everything was carefully chosen to fit the theme. Definitely no I-found-this-in-the-basement-let-me-throw-it-in-there props. All equipment was in   [Read More...]

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Unmask 是 E4G 第二次挑战 Freeing Toronto 的第一间房间, 适合新手至中级玩家。 我们找了另外三位朋友七个人一齐玩。 需要非常好的观察力, 联想力, 数字, 和模式识别。 有生物学知识的玩家会有 [Read more...]

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第二次来到Freeing,今次是要挑战两间难度较高的房间。Unmask是一个寻找失踪学生的任务,主题围绕着生化科学,带点惊栗成份。 装潢布置都是属于非常高的水准,所有技术上的运作都没有问题。之前在Atescape都遇到差不多的『生化』主题,但Unmask的设计就优胜得多,无论空间运用及道具设计都很细致,令人很容易投入主题。谜题方面,都非常贴切,不太难,但方向就似乎不太明确。 [Read more...]

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