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We played this room right after Painter’s Murderer and boy, was it ever different! Well okay, the technical aspect of the puzzles was the same: the room mainly consisted of number locks. But because the theme was so different, the way the combinations were derived were also quite different. While   [Read More...]

容許我先講講Freeing嘅室內設計,係我去過嘅逃脫場地之中最大同最靚的一間.雖然門口果條樓梯好攞命,但入到去嘅感覺好美觀,所有佈置都幾特別.我很鍾意佢循環再用度門來做咗 [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: I like that most of the clues were fairly in-line with the theme of the murdered ballerina, and the room was aptly staged. But for a room that was so keen on you involving yourself in solving the murder and not to just simply get out, I found that   [Read More...]

Black Swan 是 E4G 在同一晚上繼 Painter’s Murderer 隨即在 Freeing 玩的房間。 相比之下, 這房間雖然都是單房, 但非常寬敞, 適合新手至中級玩家。 要自己尋找線索, 需要非常好的觀察力, 聯想力,  [Read more...]

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