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This room has a rather unique feature to it – it can be played in competitive mode (Mobsters vs. Investigators). So instead of our usual four, we brought a party of ten, so that we could split into two teams of five to play against each other. Another thing we   [Read More...]

我哋E4G又出Trip喇。。今次帶多六位朋友,山長水遠到了密西沙加市的De Code Adventures玩De Triad Code。這個遊戲設計涉及兩間隔壁嘅房間,一間係寫字樓,一間係寫字樓後的密室。我哋十個人,分了兩組,一組做警察,一組做黑幫。 警察組 [Read more...]

De Triad Code 是一間可以分成兩組互相比拼的房間。 一邊是警察 (Investigators), 另一邊是黑幫 (Mobsters)。 而警察需要阻止黑幫逃脫, 而黑幫需要逃離警察的逮捕。 這亦是 E4G 第一次分成兩組互 [Read more...]

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