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雖然上一次玩Breakout Team Adventures 既 Hangover 時有很多機件故障, 不過基於師妹和 CodeGreen 極力推薦, 所以決定再去多 Breakout Team Adventures 一次, 試一試 The Liberty Squad。 我和 [Read more...]

As escape games pick up in popularity, I get more friends asking me about them. So, after hearing from 師妹 about how much fun she had playing The Liberty Squad, I decided that this was a good room for some of my friends (who are new to escape games) to   [Read More...]

來到Scarborough Town Centre附近的BreakOut Team Adventures,今次我嘅團隊有成十個人.. 但當中得我有玩過密室逃脫。正如我睇過嘅評論所講,我哋被分開成兩隊:一隊被帶入監房,一隊做拯救隊。有啲評論話某一隊嘅工作重過另外一隊,但我就覺得幾平均。但因為兩隊之間要互相聯絡同溝通,所以我建議每邊都需要有一個有經驗嘅玩家,會比較容易過關。我哋派 [Read more...]

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