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Outbreak Escape Games 152 Avenue Road, Toronto, ON M5R 2H8 When Mike of Escape Games Review heard that we were going to Outbreak Escape Games, he warned us that the entrance was hard to find. Sure enough, it was as he said – the entrance was a side door in   [Read More...]

As I alluded to in the Overview, the immersion begins as you enter the lobby. You feel as though you’ve entered some secret shelter, which is the setting for this game. Even the rules cater to this immersion, which is a nice added touch. You’ll know what I mean when   [Read More...]

We visited the anticipated Omescape’s new location in Scarborough the first chance we had, and Virus Outbreak was the first escape game available at the time.  We had high expectations because we enjoyed all the games we played at their Markham location!  Virus Outbreak did not disappoint us indeed.  The immersion   [Read More...]

he Vertigo Games 是位於密市較偏僻的工業區,地方寬躺,現時有四個遊戲. Dragon's Secret 是由中國作主題的房間.遊戲開始不久,我們便被卡住了,需要提示. 知道答案後 [Read more...]

這個遊戲的主題非常另類及吸引,就是加拿大的熱門運動 - 冰上曲棍球。我們看了網上的相片便充滿期待,房間被佈置成一間曲棍球隊的更衣室,擺滿了關於此 [Read more...]

Mysterious Minds 是多市2016年新建的場地,暫時只有兩間房間。遊戲開始前,店主交給我們一份印了一頁紙的簡介,叫我們自己讀一遍。雖然在很多遊戲內也會碰到要讀很多文 [Read more...]

Escape from the Red Room 是 Company & Co.的又一新貢獻。今趟有點新意思,遊戲限時只有三十分鐘,而且亦標榜為無文字或言語的純邏輯性遊戲。比起其他同公 [Read more...]

Trauma in the Theatre 是 Studio Escapes 的難度較高的房間。它本身是一個微型的劇院,雖然有點簡陋及較,但設備齊全。通常用實景來佈置成逃脫遊戲,會有相當的限制,例如有些 [Read more...]

Revenge in the dressing room 是 Studio Escapes 的兩個遊戲中難度較低的一個。因為它實質上是個微型的劇院,所以用的都是真實的更衣室/後台。雖說是真實的更衣 [Read more...]

The premise of this game intrigued me, because while it was called an escape game, you play most of the game wandering around Toronto’s Chinatown. So what are you escaping exactly? Well, it turns out that the latter part of the game does require an escape. This game was designed   [Read More...]

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