如果你有看過我們的排行榜,就知道Omescape的遊戲一直排於首五位,它絕對是我們隊最喜愛的逃脫地點。自玩完The Pentinentary後,我們便已完成了他們所有的五個房間。我們就像在飽受了山珍海味後不知道什麼時候才會有 [Read more...]

I was really looking forward to playing Escape the Danforth – it’s refreshing to have   [Read More...]

Night at the Wedding 是一個由Canadian Capers 主辦的項目。它的概念是將劇場,謎題,與逃脱混成一體,給觀眾一個既能思考,刺激,及有娛樂性的節目。在僅僅一天內舉辦了兩場,我們參加了第一場。Canadian Capers的主要成員 [Read more...]

Diamond Heist 是 E4G 挑戰 Trapped! 的第一間房間, 非常適合新手. 我們找了另外兩位朋友六個人一齊玩. 要有好的觀察力, 團隊合作, 圖案識別, 耐性, 和些少體能. 佈置和道具貼切主題,有我最喜歡 [Read more...]

Latest Reviews

With Mysterious Study being one of our all-time favourites, we were super excited to be invited to play the remastered version. However, I was also a bit nervous. Going in with high expectations, would I find that this room now falls flat? Could it be that we enjoyed it back   [Read More...]

如果你有看過我們的排行榜,就知道Omescape的遊戲一直排於首五位,它絕對是我們隊最喜愛的逃脫地點。自玩完The Pentinentary後,我們便已完成了他們所有的五個房間。我們就像在飽受了山珍海味後不知道什麼時候才會有 [Read more...]

我們又再一次回到Perplexity,而且又是一年氣玩兩個遊戲。Criminal Binds 是他們規模較小的遊戲,但質素並不遜於其他房間。佈景是在一間警局內的問話室,佈置及道具的質素不算很高,但亦不過不失。房間 [Read more...]

After a disappointing experience with King of the Bootleggers, I wasn’t sure what to expect for Station M. Secretly, I was hoping it would be as satisfying as Escape from the Tower, but I dared not get my hopes up. I mean, it was hard to not get excited about   [Read More...]

這次是我們第三次玩古堡逃脫系列。Casa Loma 古堡逃脫系列現時共有三個:Escape From The Towers,King of the Bootleggers, Station M. 雖然三個遊戲都設在古堡範圍內,但卻是三個獨立的遊戲,不相關亦沒有連貫性,所以無需 [Read more...]

I was really looking forward to playing Escape the Danforth – it’s refreshing to have a theme that’s not horror-based, not haunted, not a prison…you get the idea. Also, I heard that this game was family-friendly, so I was eager to try this out since many of my friends have   [Read More...]

Looking Glass Adventures 2200 Danforth Ave, Lower Level, Toronto, ON M4C 1K3 Looking Glass Adventures currently has one room: Escape the Danforth. For those of you who don’t live in the area, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the drive, and the general consensus from our team is YES. This   [Read More...]

這是位於中區的店,環境有點兒複雜,而且公司的單位不太明顯,我們到步時也花了良久才找到入口。老闆娘Christine很友善,對我們熱誠地招待。之前在網上或朋友口中已知道這裏的唯一房間 - Escape the Danf [Read more...]

Escape from the 6 (address not available; relocating) Escape from the 6 was originally located at 521 North Service Rd E in Oakville. However, they are temporarily closed at the moment for relocation and expansion. The old location had a small waiting area, but a decent-sized room for watching the   [Read More...]

因為很多逃脫朋友們的極力推薦,我們好不容易下了決心來到老遠在Oakville的Escape From The 6 !它的位置是在一個工業區,稍為偏僻的地方。這就是逃脫密室的特性,遊戲的質素不在乎於地點或人口。在大城市裡有很爛的房間, [Read more...]

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