如果你有看過我們的排行榜,就知道Omescape的遊戲一直排於首五位,它絕對是我們隊最喜愛的逃脫地點。自玩完The Pentinentary後,我們便已完成了他們所有的五個房間。我們就像在飽受了山珍海味後不知道什麼時候才會有 [Read more...]

When I first saw the name of this room, I thought to myself that it   [Read More...]

Diamond Heist 是 E4G 挑戰 Trapped! 的第一間房間, 非常適合新手. 我們找了另外兩位朋友六個人一齊玩. 要有好的觀察力, 團隊合作, 圖案識別, 耐性, 和些少體能. 佈置和道具貼切主題,有我最喜歡 [Read more...]

Theme/Atmosphere: Love the décor. The storyline for this room is that you are trying to   [Read More...]

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未來到Mayze前,我們對這間全新的逃脫公司可說是沒抱太大的期望。尤其對於在士嘉堡區的設施,多半都是第一代、附團體節扣的店。Osaka High 是一間以同 [Read more...]

Mayze 2210 Markham Rd, Unit #3 Toronto, Ontario M1B 5V6 Mayze is one of the newest additions to Toronto’s escape market in 2016. On their website, they advertised their games to be “fully mechanical”, meaning their room designs are very much focussed on technology.  They currently have two rooms: Osaka   [Read More...]

For those of you who’ve played Escape from the Mysterious Room, this one is similar in that it allows up to 12 players in the room (you can book for up to 11 online, then pay in-person for the 12th), and you split up to solve various puzzles around the   [Read More...]

這該是我們第五次玩 Real Escape Game 的遊戲。他們的一貫手法是利用多個可同步解答的謎題, 然後讓玩家把答案集中來解答終極體目。雖然每次的主題也不同,設施亦沒有高科技的機 [Read more...]

With Mysterious Study being one of our all-time favourites, we were super excited to be invited to play the remastered version. However, I was also a bit nervous. Going in with high expectations, would I find that this room now falls flat? Could it be that we enjoyed it back   [Read More...]

如果你有看過我們的排行榜,就知道Omescape的遊戲一直排於首五位,它絕對是我們隊最喜愛的逃脫地點。自玩完The Pentinentary後,我們便已完成了他們所有的五個房間。我們就像在飽受了山珍海味後不知道什麼時候才會有 [Read more...]

This was a room that I wanted to like, simply because I liked how it looked at first glance. As soon as you enter the room, there’s no question that you’re in an art studio, and a bright one too, which is always a nice bonus. However, later on in   [Read More...]

The Black Room was, as expected, dark. The story behind the room is that one of your friends disappeared after taking on a babysitting job, so you go look for her and end up getting locked into the child’s room. Other than having some items that might belong in a   [Read More...]

Escape Zone 2nd Floor – 388 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2G5 Escape Zone has a nicely decorated waiting area and reception. When we got there, there were some young people sitting around the back wall and couch chatting and playing a small collection of games provided by the facility. The   [Read More...]

a Vinci Code 是 Escape Zone 中難度最高的房間。遊戲一開始的佈景就正如網上簡介裡提及,主人翁的畫室。畫室的陳設與裝潢都做得不錯,道具雖看似是一元店的貨,但也算應有盡有,像一 [Read more...]

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